My method on how to determine voltages to enter into the Naza Assistant Software!

Voltage Settings Setup For Naza:

1. Fully charge battery

2. Open Naza assistant

3. Click on "Voltage" tab

4.. Turn on Naza voltage monitor (it's probably on already)

5. Calibrate fully charged battery and note the voltage of the battery

6. Set the First Level No Load protection at fully charged battery voltage Minus 1.2 volts (4s) AND SET THE LOSS TO 0 (ZERO) (make sure that the second level protection is at least 1 volt or more below the above No Load setting)

7. Fly until LED is flashing red

8. Land immediately

9. Hook up to Naza assistant and click voltage tab

10. Observe the voltage of the battery within Naza assistant

11. Subtract the First Level protection voltage from the above (higher) battery voltage

12. Enter this difference in the First Level Protection Loss field (backspace and delete all the red numbers and you can enter values greater than "0.50")

13. Enter (3.6 volts per cell x 4(s) = 14.4) volts in the First Level No Load field.

14. Enter (3.5 volts per cell x 4(s) = 14) volts in the Second Level No Load field AND the same Loss value as in #12 (above).

15. It's not good to discharge LIPO batteries below 3.5 volts per cell!

16. During Flight, the observed battery voltages are temporarily lower and fluctuating because of the motors having to lift the weight of your aircraft. These voltages are always lower than when your aircraft is not flying. The entries in the Loss fields reflect and estimate the above differences to extend your flight time!!

17. For other batteries (3s), the above voltages should be re-calculated accordingly.


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sounds interesting


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